Monday, March 7, 2011

Today is the first day...

...of the rest of your life.

When I was a child there was a poster hanging on the wall in my room. It was a picture of a little girl, standing in a field of tall grass, her head tilted down, with one hand reaching towards a flower or pussy willow or some such whimsical thing like that. If my memory serves me correctly she was wearing a red dress with tiny white dots all over it. She had soft brown hair and my parents swore they bought it for my room because she looked "just like me". Which I suppose she did. She also looked like a thousand other brown haired little girls looking down. But I digress.

Underneath of the little girl were the words "This is the first day of the rest of your life." That poster remained on my wall well into my teens. It moved from 619 Natalie Lane to 129 Burnside Avenue with me. I'd always meant to save it and take it with me someday when I left the nest. I didn't of course, like many good intentions this one didn't rank high enough to be thought of when the time came.

I've searched the internet and eBay in the hopes that I'll stumble across one just like it. No success yet. But I'll keep looking.

I've created this new blog with a different set of intentions than I have had before. This will not be the blog where I bitch and moan. Nor where I spend all of my time complaining about the pathetic existence I call a life. Instead this will be a combination regular ol' blog and a picture blog.

Each day, as I begin my "new life" I will take a picture of something that holds some significance for me. It may be an object. It may be a person. It may be a random natural occurrence. Whatever it is it will mean something to me.

Yes, I am taking my cue from the plethora of "Thirty Days" of pictures that have become the new FB trend among the tween and teen sets. I'm just putting a different spin on it. First of all, there is no time frame here. I have WAY too much going on in my life to attempt to do this on a daily basis. I will, however, commit to posting something at least four times a month.

I'm tired of focusing on the negatives in my life. I need to start thinking about all of the things that are positive in my life. Everything will work itself out. It always does. With God, fate and some good old fashioned hard work from me I will come out on the other side of this a better person.

I know.. (looking sheepish here) I have said this dozens of times before. Ad nauseam. And I've probably proclaimed "I mean it." dozens of times as well. Hey.. I'm human. I'm occasionally going to falter...

But I'll keep getting back up..

Today's picture...

When I was a little girl this Mattel's Drowsy Baby Doll was one of my very favorites. This isn't the original. The original met a horrible death at the hands if some very cruel neighborhood boys. My Daddy was MAD! :) He had words with the perpetrators and then replaced Drowsy Baby. I was five years old. This is THAT doll. She's thirty-seven years old.

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  1. This is a wonderful idea! What helped me to get up and keep moving forward was a commitment I made to learn something new each year. The first year alone before the bank took my house (leaving me homeless with 3 children under the age of 6) I learned to crochet. We continue to be blessed by that talent! Other skills learned since 2001 include: carpentry (the year we bartered rent for labor to avoid homelessness- I also did some plumbing and poured a concrete countertop that year), art classes (alas I did not master graphic design AT ALL, but made some headway in drawing and painting- as well as finally mastering algebra which is coming in real handy now that I have teens), knitting, singing opera, my serger last year, and this year I bought an embroidery machine. Besides being skills I can use on the road to taking care of my family alone, it has been a good way to keep a part of MYSELF engaged- to learn who I am and stay in touch with me. Hugs to you- you will find your way to the realization that you are worth more than you ever realized while you were dragging all that dead weight around!